Having Trouble Starting Garena Plus?


If you are having problems starting Garena Plus, here are a few basic troubleshooting tips that may help you.

The first thing you might want to try is to uninstall then do a clean reinstall of the program. After the re-installation, try to open the program by double clicking in it. If it still won’t load, try to hold down the CTRL key from your keyboard while double clicking the program.

Another thing you can try is that, if you have a short cut icon, right click on it, go to Properties then go to Compatibility on the top right.

There will be an item that will says “Run this program in compatibility mode”, there will be a list in which you need to select Windows XP, Windows Vista, or the system you are using in your computer. After choosing one, save the changes and hit Ok.

If it still doesn´t work, you can also Google search auto solutions for this matter. Sometimes, programs don’t work because of other programs running in the background, update problems, compatibility issues, etc.