Set Video Calling on Your Facebook Account


Today, I´m going to show you how to set up Facebook Video Calling powered by Skype. As you may already know, Facebook has incorporated Skype in its system for which any of your contacts that has a webcam available will be able to video chat with you.

Start by opening your browser, in my case I will use Google Chrome. Next, login to your Facebook account as you normally do.

Now on the URL space on the top of the screen, type in You will be redirected to a new screen and in the middle of the screen you will see a green button that says “Get started”. Click on it.

The first time you use this feature, it will need to download some “plug ins”. Allow the system to do so. Once the process is complete you will get a sign that will say “who do you want to call” and on the contacts list, all of your contacts in green are the ones ready and available for video calling.

When you have decided who to call, open up the chat window and hit the “Camera Icon”on the top right of the chat box.

Once your friend accepts the video call, the video will pop up on your screen. If you check the little square inside the video frame, there´s where your video will show in case you decide to turn on the camera as well.

Once you are done talking or video calling with a friend, family, loved one, etc., simply hit “Close”.