Un-Embed Images and Links Panel in Adobe Illustrator


In Adobe Illustrator, not only can you create beautiful vector graphics, but you can also link external images. Here’s a walkthrough on how to do it.

First, open the program. In order to create beautiful vector graphics or link external images, you need to go to ‘File’ at the top left side of the Adobe interface, and choose ‘Placing Images’. It can be in a JPEG format, PSD format, and etc.

Once you have placed your chosen images, Adobe Illustrator will let you see those in your link panel. See screenshot below.

If you are going to click any of the image files that you have in your link panel, Adobe Illustrator also has a complete file information of your chosen image above in the control panel. If it is a linked file, you can click the ‘Linked File’ button in your control panel, and it will show other images that are a linked files as well.

You can also click the link beside the linked file button, and choose if you want to ‘Relink’, ‘Go to Link’, ‘Edit Original’ image which will open Photoshop so you can edit the image, ‘Update Link’, or choose various options from ‘Placement Options’.

The other way to have images in Adobe Illustrator is by embedding them inside of the document itself. Meaning, the image file will now be a part of the Adobe Illustrator, which will create a heavier file because of its pixel data. However, it is still considered as a good way of saving a self contained file and not worry about any linked file.

To do that, go to the control panel, click ‘Embed’, and a new page will pop up that will give you different options like ‘Convert Layers to Object’, ‘Flatten Layers to a Single Image’, and many more. Now, choose the flatten layer option, and click ‘OK’.

All of the images that are saved in your Adobe Illustrator will now be easily shared, since it is already inside the Illustrator document you have created.

If you will go back to your link panel, you can see a small icon on the right side of your image file, which means that your file is embedded inside of your art board.

Also, Adobe CS6 made it even easier to un-embed the image by choosing the image that you want to un-embed, go to the control panel, and click ‘Un-embed’. It will open a new page to ask you where and how you want the un-embedded image to be saved, and then click “Save”.

To be sure that you made it right, go back to your link panel again, and check if the embed icon is gone, which means that all your image files are linked to external files again.

The link panel also has many different options to offer. You can grab the link panel, just like what is shown in the picture below. Double clicking a linked image will give you the data of the link, also you can click that small arrow to hide and unhide the link data information.

Also, the data information of your linked image can give you access from the link’s name, format, color space of the image, and even the location where you can see a small folder on its right side that if you click it, it will definitely lead you to its exact folder location.

In the screenshot above, it is shown that you can also have easy access to your previous and next linked files by clicking on those small arrows.

Therefore, Adobe Illustrator CS6 could now offer you easy access to Embed and Un-embed files, as well as having all the data information of your linked files using the link panel.