About Adobe Illustrator Package Files


One great ability that Adobe Illustrator has is that users can now have easy access to its files including fonts, images, etc. Everything will now be packaged nicely inside a folder that you could easily share to a friend, colleague, or to anyone.

The screenshot below will show documents that are linked files. You can also check if the files are linked or not by clicking the ‘Link Panel’ and from there you can see if the file is saved as a JPEG format, PSD, etc.

Now, let’s start by going to ‘File’, and click ‘Package’.

The Package page will pop up and it will give you the ability to choose the type of location on where you want to save your file, a folder name, and various options from create links, collect links in separate folder, re-link linked files to documents, copy fonts used in documents (except Chinese, Japanese, & Korean fonts), to create reports which you can request from the program to create for you, and then click ‘Package’.

Now, try to locate the folder you just saved using Adobe Illustrator. In this case, we have saved a folder named “Output”, and from the screenshot below, you can see all the benefits on how Adobe Illustrator made the package files efficiently.

Basically, your Package file will give you access to your Illustrator file; All the fonts that are used in that Illustrator, the links, and a little report in an Ext file, which will give you information from the name of the document to color mode, fonts, and a lot more.

The benefit of Package files in Adobe Illustrator is simply giving you easy access of your entire document information to anyone whom you want to continue working with on your Illustrator.