The Best Render Settings for SONY Vegas Pro


Today, I am going to show you the Best Render Settings for SONY Vegas Pro 12.

First thing we need to do is open up SONY Vegas Pro. Then open a clip that you saved in your computer that you want to render out.

You’ll have your clip on your timeline also.

The next thing to do when you have a clip on your timeline is go to Properties at the top and select Match Media Video Settings.

Find the clip and import it to SONY Vegas.

It'll then bring up all the settings for the clips. Make sure everything is set right; frame rate, pixel format and width. After ensuring the settings are correct, hit Start on New Project and then Ok.

The next thing you have to do is click on Properties again and disable resample.

If you have any colour correction, you can do that and apply all the colour corrections needed for your clip.

After you’ve done that and you got your clip, then you’re ready to render. The last thing you need to do is go up top to Render, go down to wmv and click the 8MBHD 1080p video.

To customize a template, go to “Video” and go down to Custom. There you can customize the frame rate (59.94), pixel (1920 x 1080), sharpness (100), aspect ratio, etc.

You can also change the bitrate (10 million) and video rendering quality (best). After you’ve done the necessary changes, you can change the template to any name you want.

The good thing about customized templates is that you can have it ready for future use. That way, you do not have to customize and change the settings all over again.

If you hit “Favourites”, you will see your customized template at the bottom. If you need to render videos using the same settings, just go to your “Favourites”.