Advanced Measuring Tools in Google Earth Pro


The highly accurate measuring system of Google Earth Pro provides a very powerful tool for professionals of different areas.

For example, let´s say that there´s somebody interested in buying a property in NY City. As part of the information, the customer will want to know the measure of the surface and the perimeter of the property.

You need to set the units you will be working with and then draw the perimeter of the surface you want to measure.

There are a couple more things you can do with what you are limiting. For example, you can add new points, extend the area and more.

You can also use the 3D mode to visualize what a building in that area would look like.

Let´s say somebody is planning on opening a new store, by using the proximity circle tool, a business man could calculate the proximity of other stores in the area.

The developer can create not only a design of what he wants to share, but a full analysis with accurate information which in most cases can come in very handy.

You can personalize your maps so that it´s easier for you to find the information you need in it.

Try Google Earth Pro, it will help you make better decisions about your company, it will provide you with tools to perform the best designs and you will have fun as you do so.