Map-Making Tool Feature in Google Earth Pro


Google Earth Pro has incorporated new printing options for customers. For example, you now have the option to add a title in the description box, a north arrow, legend, scales and an html box.

The legend pulls the layers on your final screen and gives you the option to choose which layers will show on your final print out.

The scale is dynamic; it allows you set an accurate scale to your maps.

The html box gives you the option of adding additional data such as photos.

You can drag all new printing features as you wish around the screen.

You can check a previous copy of what your image will look like when you print it, you can make it black and white, it’s your choice.

One useful feature of this tool is that you can save your progress as you are building a map, so you can take the time you need to create and improve your designs.

Google Earth offers this and many other interesting features.