WinZip Demo: How to Zip a File


Today, I am going to be zipping a Photoshop file using WinZip.

I’ll be using a full version of WinZip Professional to do this, but you may use a normal version of WinZip too.

Zipping a file results in decreasing its file size. The first way to do this is by clicking Zip, and selecting the folder that you want to zip.

Then, you’ll need to select where you want to save your newly zipped file to. Most users save their files to the desktop, making it easier to find. You can change the filename to whatever you want so you can easily recognize it.

As you can see, it also shows the size of the file before and after compression.

To open a newly zipped file, click Extract to remove the Photoshop document, and extract/unzip it to the desktop.

The easiest way to zip a file, however, is by right-clicking it, then select WinZip from the following menu: