All About Microsoft Office Professional 2007


This is the Microsoft Office Professional 2007 Edition review. In case you’re not into computers or aren’t much of a geek, Microsoft has released a new edition of Office. This is the 2007 Professional Edition Suite. One of the new things they have in this edition is this thing called the Ribbon.

The Ribbon shows up in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Publisher, Access, and Outlook do not have this.

This special edition of Office comes with Access, Excel, Word, Outlook, Publisher, and PowerPoint.

Office comes with a lot of new shiny features including the Ribbon. Instead of having customizable, weird-looking toolbars, everything is organized in these neat little bars. If you want to access another option, you click a tab such as Insert, References, or Page Layout. One of the nice things about Ribbon technology and this edition of Office is that it’s keyboard user-friendly.

You can hit Alt, and Office will show you all of your options. Pictured above is your QuickLink bar, which showcases your Save, Undo, and Redo Options. If you want to have a quick reference, just hit Alt, and these little numbers and letters will pop up to reference all of your tabs.

So let’s say you want to select Bold, this is an easy reference. Or let’s say you want to change the highlight color. Hit Alt, followed by H for Home, and then you’ll be able to select a color. Or, click S to select a custom color. Move your arrow keys around on your keyboard to officially choose a color.

You really kind of have to play around with Office to understand how it works. Ribbon is a feature that you’ll either love or hate, it’s totally up to you.

There is a brand new Office button on the top-right corner of all Office apps which will show you anything you need to find, from recently-opened documents to save functions, print, print prepping, and the like.

What’s really nice is that Word clearly states what type of file it’s being saved as when you’re saving it. There are also add-ons for Word, and you can also save things as .ODF, which is the Open Document Format. You can also get an add-in from Microsoft that allows you to save files as .PDF as well as their new .PDF competition format.

That’s the basics of the Office 2007 Ribbon system. I think it has a pretty steep learning curve. The new features and interface is very smooth, and it’s easy to preview different font types and emphasizers before fully applying them.