Walkthrough Tutorial of Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Welcome to Need for Speed: Most Wanted which is the 2012 edition of this car racing game. Today we’re going to focus on the walk-through of this game.

The game takes place in the city of Fairhaven, home to the most intense street racing on the planet. Ten drivers rule the streets, always on the run from the cops. They drive the best cars and dominate the city. They are the Most Wanted. To join this elite group, you’ll need to earn the right to race them. Beat them all and you’ll be number one on Fairhaven’s Most Wanted drivers.

To be able to do that, you’ll need lots of cars. Spread out across the city are some of the hottest cars ever made. If you can find them, you can drive them. To own one, you can simply jump up to the jackpot and jump in.

Follow the route marked on the map to your first car. The streets are waiting.

Basically you’re just going to put together a list of things you’ll need to beat this game and hopefully keep you entertained at the same time. There’s not going to be something analytical to say at every second of this walk-through, but this should be functional if you’re just looking for answers on how to beat this game and get to the next race; anything that’s helpful to me, I’ll make sure to share with you guys.

During gameplay, you’ll encounter many unused cars around which are free for you to take as a sort of upgrade to your own.

Every car you find has its own set of races which can be accessed at anytime using RACES. Choose ‘Set Destination’ to find your first race. A route to the start line will appear on your map. Follow it to the race start. To start the race, pull up to the checkpoint and spin your wheels.

Finishing 1st or 2nd wins mods to your car. Fit these immediately for an instant upgrade. Or use EasyDrive later to change your Tires, Nitrous, Chassis, Body, or Transmission.

Speed Points take you up the Most Wanted list and racing is just one way to win them. Pick up more by smashing through billboards, blasting past speed cameras, destroying security gates or escaping the cops.

Autolog tracks every Speed Point that you earn. The more you earn, the closer you get to taking on the Most Wanted drivers and dominating your friends. EasyDrive is there to help you hunt down all of the challenges across the city and what happens next is all up to you.