Cool Tips and Tricks to Use in Grand Theft Auto IV


In this article, we are going to have a walkthrough about the basics of Grand Theft Auto 4.

Cool tips and tricks

First tip is how to use the controller. If you are going to press the ‘Y’ button, it will exit your character to the vehicle. Press the ‘up’ button and it will bring out the GTA phone. Now, press it one more time, and it will allow you to use the cell phone keypad – try calling 911 and it will let you talk to a police. Pressing the ‘A’ button will allow you to select the numbers, and then just use the directional pad to go wherever you want to.

Like for example, call the fire department, and they will come to your aid wherever you are. If you try to drive the fire truck, pressing ‘L’ while pointing the truck wherever you want will let you spray water to everyone you are looking at. People fall and say some funny things depending on where you are.

The Bowling Alley

If you want your character to play bowling and hit a perfect strike, press ‘A’, hold down on the right analog pad for just a moment, or like half a second.

Now, press ‘up’ and then ‘down’ and your shoot will surely be straight into a perfect strike.

Friendship Bonuses

Next tip is about friendship bonuses. Go ahead and scroll to ‘stats’ by pressing ‘right’ on the left analog pad, press ‘A’ to access ‘general’.

Scroll down to see the game stats and ‘Respect’. An example on the screenshot below is shown as you can see; he is at 97% like and 99% respect. That is more than enough for what we are going to need.

To demonstrate what that does, exit the start menu by pressing back or the ‘B’ button. Press back one more time to bring the game back into gameplay. Now, bring up the GTA cell phone, which is an integral part of the game. Access the menu by pressing ‘A’. Access the phonebook by pressing ‘A’ again. Scroll down to all contacts until you get to ‘Roman’, and then select his name.

With a certain percentage of like and respect, you can call Roman, and you can have a free cab service for life. You can see that as a blue icon. It will come right to you and you can get into the cab. He will take you wherever you want to go. This is similar with all your friendships along the way.

Car Brakes

You’ll notice sometimes during gameplay when you press the ‘B’ button to brake, you will usually have a turn to make and you will fishtail out.

What you want to do, to clean up your turning is to use your ‘E’ brake and brake at the same time. First, you need to press the ‘E’ brake, and the brake, and then turn, pressing on the accelerator, pumping on the gas to make your turn more accurate.


What you will do to start burnouts is to press the left trigger and the right trigger at the same time. You can control it and that will give you your burnout.

Heart of Liberty City

This is a cool trick that you can do if you go to the statue of Happiness. Find a doorway with two plaques on other side that says “no hidden content here”.

Walk through that doorway, and if the door doesn’t open, you can find a ladder. Climb the ladder by pressing the ‘Y’ button. Keep climbing in the middle of the statue of happiness, and there you can find the heart of Liberty City. It’s not a metaphor; it is in reality (an actual pumping heart).

Quicker Way to Get to your Destination

The last cool trick is how to get to your destination quicker. Let’s say you have a waypoint set, press the start button, and press the ‘A’ button to engage the map.

Scroll down the map; let’s say you have a date at a bowling alley, so you are going to set a waypoint by pressing ‘A’.

Now, if you were to hop in a car and drive this distance it would take you in excess of 5 minutes. However, you can have a way to get there in 10 seconds.

Get out of your map function by pressing ‘B’ for back, and ‘B’ again to get back into game play. If you hold the ‘Y’ button you can get into the yellow cab that you can find on the street and it will take you there in about 10 seconds.

You will want to hold the ‘Y’ button as opposed to tapping the button; otherwise you will just jack the vehicle. From that point you can press ‘up’ or ‘down’ to scroll through your choices of where to go.

Now, if you want to go to your waypoint that you have set up from your map, press ‘A’ and he will take you there.

For few cool options, you can also press ‘X’ to tell him to hurry up, and press ‘Y’ to exit the cab, or press ‘A’ to skip it. You can do this on a mission play or even when you are not in a mission.