How to Use Cheat Codes in Grand Theft Auto IV


This article will uncover the basics of Grand Theft Auto 4. Now, we are going to learn how to get into the cheat codes.

Adding and Removing One Star to Wanted Level

First, this will require you to use your GTA cellphone (game cellphone), which is an integral part of this game. Now, we need to go ahead and add a one star to your character’s level by pressing the following numbers – 267 555 0150 or COP 555 0150. Go ahead and call the numbers, and you will see that there is an added star to your character’s level.

To remove it, dial the following numbers – 67 555 1011 or COP 555 0100. You can do this during game play as well. When calling the number, you will see that the cops will get back in the car and leave. This comes in very handy during game play.

Change Weather and Brightness

For another basic Grand Theft Auto 4 cheat code, pick up your GTA cell phone again and dial the following numbers: 462 555 1011 or HOT 555 0100. This changes the weather and brightness. Rain and bad weather lessens your driving ability, your handling, and performance. So this is a very good code to use when the weather gets a little bit out of hand.

Full Health and Armor

If your health bar is depleted and you need or decided to go on a mission that involves heavy gunfire, just dial the following numbers – 362 555 0100 or DOC 555 0100. Call these numbers using your GTA cellphone, and once done, your health bar will surely be full.

Full Health, Armor and Ammunition

Do it again with your GTA cellphone by typing the following numbers – 482 555 0100 or GTA 555 0100. After calling the numbers, scroll through your status bar, you will see full ammunition in a wide array of weapons.

Weapons Tier 1

Again, dial the numbers by using your GTA cell phone – 486 555 0100 or GUN 555 0100. Once you called the numbers for weapons tier-1, you will have a wide array of weapons that will include the baseball bat, handgun, shot gun, MP5, M4, sniper, rifle, RPG, and grenades.

Weapons Tier 2

Dial the following numbers using your GTA cell phone – 486 555 0150 or GUN 555 0150. After you dialed the numbers, you will have a wide array of weapons, which includes the knife, Molotov, cocktails handgun, shotgun, Uzi, AK47, sniper, rifle, and RPG.