Age Of Empires Review: Gold Edition


Many modern strategy games today have really expanded on the Idea of ‘RTS’ and how the RTS genres should be seen. RTS stands for Real Time Strategy. Majority of you might be familiar series such as Total Wars or Star craft II. One game in particular that really set the standard for RTS is Age of Empires. Now, we will be having a review of its graphics, audio and gameplay.


The original game was made in 1998 and that’s what we’ll talk about.Age of Empires did a great job in utilizing many different types of terrain to create environment. This is pretty unique at the time because before this, games were just 1 or 2 colours and the environments were only in few colours instead of these multiple colours and terrains. Here you can have your trees, mines, cliffs, your elevations in a really flesh-out the environment.

The buildings are also well done which you can level up. You can also select from different civilizations. The animation is pretty ok. Talking about the 1998 standards, this game gets 9 out of 10 for graphics because of the environment, the buildings and the smoke effects which are really well done.


Now let’s move onto the audio. In the Age of Empires Gold Edition, we have the Age of Empires standard game in the outside of the expansion. Most of the footage comes from the expansion so that’s what we’ll be looking at when it comes to the music. The game has a mixture of both soft and hard heavy music. The only main gripe with the music is that it’s random, no matter what the situation is. Sometimes when building a house, all of a sudden the music will seem like you are in a battle zone. Even though this was in 1998, there is another game before this which is Ultimate 6 that do actually change the music depending on situation. It might have been little advanced for that time but it’s fair to say that it could have been done a better job when it comes to selecting the playing audio in accordance with the situation.

When selecting units and telling them what to do regardless of the task, they usually say the same four or five of let’s give and take lines over and over again. But since this game was made in 1998, what they say is a little random. But overall, the sound effects are still good.

Regardless of whatever you hit, the same audio will play. Considering all its flaws, the game was somewhat considered revolutionized during that time.

Game Options

There are several features available for both single and multiplayer modes. There are also random maps, campaigns, death matches and various scenarios.

Speaking of scenarios, this is one of the first games to actually allow players to build scenarios. Even though this does look very primitive, looking back on it, this is still a very innovative feature, regardless of its simplicity.

There is also an option to create different types of units, buildings and terrains. You can customize the victory conditions, the teams that people were on, the individual victories and much more.

Random Mapping

In random mapping, you can select the map size, type, victory conditions, resources, the path finding, difficulty level and more.

There are 4 campaigns that came with the Age of Empires based game and 3 that are added from the expansion pack totalling up to 7. Each campaign allowed us to play different races and showed different viewpoints in history.

With each campaign, the tutorial campaign starts off. It’s very easy at first and as you progress through the game, it gets more and more challenging.

Even on low difficulty settings, it can still be a pretty hard challenge.

Greeks in Age of Empires are the constructive civilization. To construct buildings, you will need resources such as wood, food, gold and stone. There are many ways to increase your resources.

The game starts off in Stone Age, Tool Age and eventually moves up to Iron Age. It just shows all the hard work and dedication that you put to build all the way from the ground up. It’s also good to keep in mind what type of units to use because siege units are obviously better against buildings and your infantries are better against other infantries.

Depending on the type of unit, they each have strengths and weaknesses. Even though the campaign could get very difficult, the gameplay is astonishing. All the features implemented in this game in 1998 really stand out. It was one of the first games that really rocked our mind. It may not be the best game of all time but it’s still one of the greatest classic games of all time.

This game is recommended to all RTS enthusiasts out there.