Hamachi Tutorial for Gaming on Windows 7or Vista


Hamachi is a free application that can be used to configure virtual private networks. In other words, it helps you establish a connection through the Internet and emulate a local area network. It is used by a lot of people to play Aqw in connection with other players. It is compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7 along with other versions of it. There is also a new beta version for Mac. It´s very easy and fast to download.

This tutorial is about making sure your Hamachi is well set with Vista in your computer. The first thing you need to do is go to your Network Center on the bottom right, go to Manage Network Connections.

Hit the Advanced tab and then go to advanced settings. Find Hamachi, select it and hit the “up arrow” to place Hamachi first in the list.

If that doesn´t work for some reason, go to “view status”,

choose properties and hit IPV4, then go to advanced.

In the interface metric, you will need to set it to 10.

With these two tips, your Hamachi should work with any game.