How to Configure Hamachi for XP


Hamachi is a free application that can be used to configure private virtual networks. In other words, it helps you establish a connection through Internet and emulate a local network.

The version for Microsoft Windows (including XP and Windows 7) is currently available. There is also a new version for Mac but for the moment, it´s still in beta version. A lot of people use this software to play Aqw because it’s effective, very easy and fast to download.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to configure Hamachi for XP.

The first thing you need to do is go to your Start menu and click on the Control Panel tab.

Inside the Control Panel, go to Network Connections, on the top click on “Advanced” and then go to “Advanced Settings”.

You will see on top, a list with some information and the name Hamachi in it. Highlight it and hit the “up arrow” to make sure Hamachi stays at the top of the list.

After that, right click on Hamachi on your Network Connections. Go to “Properties” scroll down on the list and go to Internet Protocol TCP/IP.

Click “Properties” then “Advanced“. On the bottom of the chart you´ll find the “Automatic Metric”, make sure you set it to 10 and press OK to save changes.

Restart your computer and that way you will be able to play every game you want using Hamachi.