Age of Empires 3 Opening Tutorial


Age of Empire 3 is the third edition of a very successful range of video games. In this version of the game, you will go back to collect gold, wood, food and all sorts of resources to sustain your armies against your enemies, but you will count with new battle techniques and army specialization. Also, you will notice 3D details in the graphics such as the smoke effect from chimneys and shadows of your characters.

Age of empire III is a very promising game. Make yourself some free time and enjoy this game, it´s only a download away!

If you are new in playing Age of Empire 3, this article will help beginners like you with some tutorial on what you can do while in the game. Before you can build a successful and strong community, you also need to know the basics about what the game can offer.

When collecting food, any wild animals and berries are a food source. For example, you can click on a deer and it will be added on your food list. Your worker will then hunt for the food, and also manage to leave some worker to do work like cutting the woods so you can collect more resources. After hunting a deer for food, go back to your town center and right click on the tree; it will cost 100 of food to train another settler to help cut some woods. You also need to explore and look for treasure to help you get more income.

Shown in the screenshot below, we have a population of 9 settlers out of 10. Now, you need to increase the population. To do this, you need to build a man house, which costs 135 woods. Meaning, if you get more than 135 woods, then you can possibly build several man houses to increase your population.

It is best and more efficient to also build a market so you will be upgraded and eventually get more food. Once you are done creating a house, you can hold SHIFT and right click to start building your market.

In Age of Empire 3, each faction has its own unique abilities. Each manor house will add a number of settlers on your population that will help you collect more resources for the game.

The more you bring food and wood, your game can age quickly. Meaning, you need to work hard in collecting food, woods, and other resources to earn at least 800 and age up like adding a Governor, Naturalist, Bishop, and the Philosopher Prince.