How To Use PowerPoint 2003: Layouts


Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003 is basically what its name says, a viewer of PowerPoint presentations. It allows you to have access to them even if you don´t have the program installed in your computer. It is the perfect tool for your office or home, it´s super easy to download and it´s free.

It is compatible with the latest versions of Windows and reliable to use.

Whether you need to create a presentation for work, business, or school – PowerPoint by Microsoft is the best software that can creatively help you present your thoughts and ideas visually. To do that, here’s a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use PowerPoint Layouts.

First, you need to open Microsoft PowerPoint. Click ‘Designs’ on the top right side, and it will lead you to the themes and backgrounds designs. At the top, you will find ‘Slide Design’ drop down menu, click it and scroll down to find ‘Slide Layout’.

Slide Layout should look like this (see screenshot below).

Slide Layout is what you can see on the right side of your PowerPoint screen. You can use these layouts for any type of presentations whether you want a title and bulleted text, title and content, or use the one that has the title, text, and content in one slide.

Slides Overview is what you can see on the left side of your PowerPoint screen. Obviously, this will let you have a preview of your presentation.

Text Layouts

In the screenshot below, you can find the Text Layouts at the top of the Slide Layout page with numbers 1 to 4.

You can use the Title Slide, which is text layout number 1. Basically, you can use this type of layout if you want to put a title and arrange your presentation by subtitles. Text layout number 2 is also called a Title Slide, but now without a subtitle.

Text layout number 3 is the Title & Bulleted Text where you can create a presentation with a title and bulleted texts.

Text layout number 4 is the Title & 2 Column Bulleted Text. You can choose to use the columns with a bulleted text, or get rid of the bullets by hitting ‘Delete’ and create a title and 2-column text presentation using this type of text layout.

Content Layout

Below is a sample of content layout number 4, which is the Title & 2 Content Boxes. The icons on each of the boxes allow you to insert Table, Chart, Clip Art, Picture, Diagram, and Media Clip.

Hitting each of the icons will lead you into their respective portfolios. In this case, let’s click on ‘Clip Art’ icon and below is a screen shot of the clip art portfolio. The ‘Search’ tab will allow you type in the kind of clip arts that you may want to use on your presentation, and then hit ‘OK’ to apply the clip art that you want to add in your PowerPoint document.

Text & Content Layouts

This type of layout can let you use a slide with a title, text box, and content box in one page. Basically, you can set up the title of your presentation, the text of what the presentation is all about, and the icon that is related to the presentation. You can click any icon in the content box and choose if you want to insert a table, chart, clip art, pictures, diagram, or media clip.

Above are just samples of what you can do using PowerPoint Slide Layouts. You can play around with the other layouts and see the type of layouts that is perfect for your presentation.