Burn Data on a DVD or CD Using Nero StartSmart


Nero StartSmart is what we could call a “pack of tools”, also known as Nero 6 which is very useful in creating content and burning them into CDs and DVDs.

Nero StartSmart operates with Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. You can copy and paste different types of files like data files, videos, images and audio as well as content that you download from the Internet.

You do not need to be an expert or tech savvy because it is very easy to use. The program itself will provide instructions for you to perform your tasks. This free program is a great tool for you so download it now.

In this transcription I will show you how to burn data on your DVD or CD and in general, how to work with DVDs. I will show you how to burn data onto a DVD for pictures and other documents. Also, I will show you how to burn videos and movies onto a DVD and audio CD.

How to Create and Burn Data DVD

We will work with Nero, which is a common burning suite for creating and burning discs. Go ahead and open Nero from your desktop. A menu will appear, click on DATA, then MAKE DATA DVD.

A disc content page will appear. On the bottom right you will have to choose between DVD5 and DVD9, the difference being capacity.

Now, click on ADD. This will allow you to add files to be burned to your DVD. Select the files that you want to burn and drag them to the ADD screen. You can also use CNTL + CLICK or SHIFT + CLICK to select files.

Now, close the files window, and then click on Next. Add a name to your disc. Above the disc name, choose the burner installed in your computer. If you want to look for advanced settings, click that small arrow on the left side (shown in the screenshot below). Once it is highlighted, click on BURN at the lower right side of the screen and you are done. Depending on data size, the burning time will vary, usually it´ll be a few minutes.

How to Burn DVD Video

Open Nero, click on DATA, then Make DATA DVD. When the window opens, click BACK down on the right side – this will bring you to another menu. Some of the options needed are hidden.

Choose the Video/Pictures icon, and on the right side, click DVD-VIDEO FILES

Select your type of DVD, which is found on the bottom right side. Now, click ADD and locate all the video files that you want to burn, and then click ADD again. All the procedures in adding and burning your files are pretty much the same from what is mentioned on how to create and burn data DVD.

IMPORTANT: Only select video files that are marked as TS. Open the file folder and select all files, click Next, add a disc name, and then click on Burn

How to Create and Burn an Audio CD

Again, open the program, click on Music icon from the left side, and then choose AUDIO CD and add the music files. Remember, this process can only add 20 tracks.

When you are done adding tracks, click Next, name your CD, and then click Burn (same procedure from the above screenshots).

Now, let’s do the other way to burn audio CD with the capacity of more than 20 tracks. The issue here is that the audio format may not be compatible with all types of players. Again, open the program, click on MUSIC, and then click on JUKEBOX AUDIO CD. Add the tracks as before and then click NEXT and BURN.

And that’s it. You got all the procedures on how to create and burn data on DVD or CD.