Overview of File Transfer with Fring 3.30


Fring is a software designed to work over VoIP that is compatible with Android which allows information to be sent over the phone line in case you are not within a WiFi area. It allows you to make free calls, send videos and all sorts of data and it also allows you to connect with other similar programs such as Skype, Google Talk, etc.

Fring is very easy to use for everyone, on the screen you will see all your contacts online and you will have the necessary information to be able to send and receive text messages or use any of its other features. This small app only comes with one version at the moment which you can download for free.

In today’s technology, you can forget the old ways of sending and receiving data.

Released in the late 2000s, the 3.30 version of Fring is packed with new features, the biggest one being File Transfer. File transfer is basically the ability to move files from one handset to the other--forget Bluetooth, SMS, and cables!

You can now take a photo with your Nokia Symbian phone and send it to another phone, save it to the directory, and you’ll be able to access it in a matter of seconds via the Internet. Fring is about breaking the tradition between the traditional Internet and the mobile Internet; now we can do these transfers from phone-to-phone but also phone-to-PC and vice-versa. We can also now use messaging programs such as MSN on our phones. I can now not only send instant messages from my phone, but files, as well.

But this isn’t even the end of it. Fring is available in seven languages, including: English, Russian, French, German, Italian, Chinese, and Spanish.

When you install this program, it will identify the language of your handset and by default install the app in the same language. You can always change the language under the program’s Options menu. This version of Fring also shows real time indication when another party is typing a message to you. With that, it becomes a real-live experience.