Asphalt 5: High-end Racing Game for Mobile


Asphalt 5 is a race game for mobile that you can download in your cell phone for free since it is compatible with Android. You can choose from versions 2.1 and 2.2.

The races offer high speed competitions where you can choose among 30 cars and motorcycles and drive exclusive brands such as BMW, Ducati and many more. To make the races more interesting, the game allows you to use shortcuts and Nitro to increase your speed.

Accept the challenge, download this amazing game and let yourself be led by the excitement of speed.

With the arising growth of different 3D video games in smartphones and tablets, Asphalt 5 is one of the famous car racing games that is available in both iOs and Android today. Although this game developed by Gameloft is a little expensive, most of the players say that this game is worth the cost.

Asphalt 5 has 30 different luxury cars that are available in the game. The higher game level you earned, the better vehicle you can use to win your race. To name a few, you can drive from Audi R8 to Ruf RT 12, Ford Shelby GT500, Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano, and Lamborghini Murciélago LP 670-4 Super-Veloce.

Nissan 370Z and the Mini Cooper S are also available as the default car of the game. Basically, you only have two choices of vehicles in the beginning of the game. Bugatti Veyron is also available in Asphalt 5, and is considered as the fastest vehicle available among the others.

Simply click ‘Garage’ to view the types of vehicles available for this game. You can also use your finger to zoom in and out the image of the auto, while you can also rotate the vehicle to see its entire image.

By viewing each of the autos, you will have access as to how much it cost, and to what game level it is available. Lamborghini is only available if you reach game level 20.

You can also ride a motorcycle, like the Kawasaki 2X6R and other motorcycles that are perfect for racing.

Asphalt 5 is also available in different game modes. You can choose if you want to play cop chasing, time attacks, or just the normal racing modes.

Earning money while playing in this game will also allow you to upgrade your car’s engine and other auto parts. You can also choose the colors that you want for your race vehicle, so basically you can enjoy driving in a specific vehicle that you want from its brand, auto accessories and color.

And if you go click ‘Events’, under it is a box that you can scroll to choose the location of the racetrack. Each location of your desired racetrack will only be available as your game level increases.

You can also buy girls, which is available in your game button. Press ‘Girl’ and you can choose the available girl that is preferable on your earned game level. Each girl can help you with different stuff like earning more money or boosting your personality while on the racetrack.

Every racetrack location available is also designed very nicely. The screenshot below is a racetrack in Las Vegas and this will show you a nice graphic view of Vegas itself. However, changing racetracks will require you to do some practice and memorize each road as every racetrack according to its location is designed differently.

Asphalt 5 has no available multiplayer yet, but the entire game itself is cool. Each car is designed with detailed graphics, as well as its different racetrack locations. Basically, you will love driving the race and will surely enjoy this game.