How to Attack a Wolf Castle in Stronghold


Stronghold is a history based video game that involves real time strategy. Designed for PC, it offers entertaining scenarios, animation and an impressive creativity.

The game puts the player at the head of a kingdom in England and Wales and the objective is to build castles and overtake enemy´s territory. Your success will depend on how strong your army is and how well you handle your resources at hand. Full information of the territory is available in the game for your conquers in a map.

Due to its huge success, a second version was launched and then a third one: Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Legends.

Set your warriors skills free and download this great game.

When playing Stronghold Kingdom, Wolf Castles are your greatest opponents. It is very important that you know what you are doing to save your troops. Positioning your troops before you start to attack the wolf castle will help you succeed in your mission. But how are you going to do that?

Armed Peasants – Alone they cannot help you take down the Wolf Castle. However, they are recommended in positioning your first attacks.

Catapults – It is very important that you place the catapults in front of the Wolf Castle. The offensive range for this type of troop can help you damage walls, towers, and gatehouses. Set up at least 2 rows of catapults in front of the Wolf Castle and ‘right click’ your target to guide your catapults on where you want the damage to be done.

Pikemen – They are peasants provided with pikes and armor in order to become part of the troops. You may want to place enough pikemen in front of your catapults so the enemy could not easily destroy your catapults which is a good offensive armor.

Archers – They are effective defensive troops especially in close-combat where they are able to stop enemies from a distance. You may also want to place these archers on both sides of your pikemen to help fight against enemy troops.

It will also be helpful if you will place enough archers at the back of your catapults to protect them from enemies. Enemy troopers usually walk straight to their target and could possibly damage your strongest defenses. In this case, we have the catapult as the strongest defense unit so it is very important that you will protect them with enough troops so that the enemy can’t find a way to destroy them. An addition of archers on both sides will also be needed to easily drop the enemies.