WarCraft III Multiplayer Basics and Tips


Among the strategy video games in real time we can mention WarCraft 3, which is the third part of this game range. In this version, 3D graphics and the creation of two new ethnic groups were added.

The game consists of various elements and full use of resources (gold, wood, etc.) to support an army which you will use against your enemies.

There are 4 different types of ethnics in the game: The humans, the Orches, elves and zombies. The version that continues the adventure is called WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne which counts among its features with new armies and combat strategies.

Give yourself some free time, download this amazing game.

Welcome to this tutorial. I’ll be presenting the basics of the Frozen Throne expansion. There are four races to pick from. If you’re not familiar with them, I suggest you pick ‘Random’.

You can play as a human but feel free to try out other races--a tutorial is just that, a tutorial. You can construct and upgrade barracks, towers, production buildings and add several new units.


You can run but that is if you think you can make it. Sometimes enemies can outrun you, so don’t go too far and get lost off to the side of the battle. There are also times when it is better to retreat. Normally, your allies will tell you when to go back. If you think everyone should retreat, just type the letter ‘B’, or Back. Also, an Elf Scroll is pretty useful when you retreat.

Be sure to keep up with building. It’s necessary to start early in building the upgrade. For humans, the Blacksmith is the upgrade.

Creeping is also important. To do this, double click on the portraits of all your armed units then pull back a bit then attack again. This way, you can creep without losing any unit. But if you do this for too long, you might weaken all of your units.

In a four versus four game, your role is very important in terms of offense and defense. One example is creepjacking. Creepjacking means attacking the player which is attempting to creep. Creepjacking can be used to your advantage. However, if the player that was creeping pulls back, the creep might be turned against you. This is a useful but tricky strategy to learn.

It’s always useful to help your allies; never tackle an opponent alone. Sometimes, if you attack alone, the opponent’s reinforcements will come and you will become outnumbered. Depending on how strong their army is, they could obliterate yours. Try adding some towers by your Mercenary Camp so that if someone tries to go there, he can be attacked from the towers.

If an enemy is trying to approach one of your other enemy’s bases, you can teleport to your base using the teleport scroll and then access the map and prepare for an attack. This part of the game is awesome and I’m sure you will enjoy it too!

You may also play as two heroes because one hero can often compensate for the other.