Basic Info on Adobe Acrobat Professional


This is a tutorial about Adobe Acrobat Professional. In this transcript, I am just going to show you the basics of the program. Letting everybody know that Adobe Acrobat is not for design or to create a layout of your page.

Adobe Acrobat Professional is used in converting images like a JPEG picture and Word document or Excel sheet into PDF. A PDF is a portable document format and it’s a standard image document used all over the world.

Every computer that you purchase usually comes with Adobe Reader and it’s very important to have a PDF Reader in your computer because most of the standard industries carry PDFs.

First thing we are going to do is create a PDF from a Word file. It’s pretty easy.

All we have to do is look for a file or document for conversion.

In this example, we’ll convert a Word file into a PDF document.

Let me look for the file real quick.

As you can see, Adobe Acrobat has already saved my Word document into a PDF. You can add additional pages by going to the File menu and individually add each file.

You can also combine other pages but that option is available in more advanced versions.

Now let me show you how to create PDF from multiple files.

You can add files individually or you can add per folder. When you add per file, you can include pictures, Excel sheets, anything you want from each individual file.

To make things more simple, you can do it pre-hand, meaning you can put all your documents into a single folder and click on the quick Index Folder.

Once you have all your documents in a single folder, they can automatically be converted into PDF.

Let me convert a single file and I am going to press "Ctrl" on my keyboard and select three files; one is an Excel sheet, a picture and a Word document.

Just add the files, go to “Next” then “create”. It’s automatically going to create each document into a PDF and then it’s going to merge them.

You guys don’t have to worry about your files being saved individually as PDFs. For multiple files conversion, they will be converted as PDF first then the program will merge them all together. It’s not going to individually save each of them as PDF.

After the conversion, press “save” and name the file.

As shown in the image, all three of my documents have been combined together into a single PDF.

Another good feature of this program is the “Create PDF from your Scanner”. It’s very important.

If you are a college student, a lawyer, a doctor, or anybody that has lost a digital file, this option really comes in handy.

In Text Recognition and Metadata, Make Searchable (Run OCR) and Make Accessible should be checked. If you have a hard copy of an important file, what you should first is scan the file and Adobe Acrobat will Search Run the OCR, and convert texts from your page into a regular digital text on your computer. In the event that you lost your hard copy, you can recover the scanned/converted file and copy/paste them back to Word.

“Create PDF from your website” is actually getting an image from your website and turning it into a PDF and that’s mainly it.

This is just the basics in Adobe Acrobat but it has a lot of other features that you will find useful.

One other good thing about this program is that, it automatically installs the reader and Adobe PDF printer.

Instead of you wasting paper and ink, you can save your printed documents into PDF.

With Adobe Acrobat, you can add video, audio, PowerPoint, Excel sheets, graphs, etc.