How to Cut Out an Image Using Adobe Photoshop CS5


Adobe Photoshop is one of the most well-known editing programs, better known as Photoshop, which is one of the most commonly used programs for editing images. Besides, it can be used to create graphics, images and add different effects to your project. You can expect final results of professional quality.

It´s a very easy to use program, versatile and you don´t need to be a professional to be able to manage it.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 is the latest version of Photoshop which you can download with a 30 days free trial period. You may also opt for the full version to get the most out of this software. It is totally compatible with Windows OS including XP, Vista and 7.

This is a tutorial about Adobe Photoshop CS5 – cutting an image from a picture and putting it into another picture. Cool, step-by-step, and fun tips on how to simply start cropping out your photo and put it into another background effectively.

So what we want to do is open Photoshop –this is Photoshop CS5 I am running. Open “File” if you want to open up your new picture or any picture that you have that you want to cut out.

You will need to click the “unlock” button at the top and you are going to drag down and it will create a new layer.

To do that, just hold down your copy, and drag it down, and you will see that new layer.

So we are going to hide that second layer by clicking the eyeball to hide it or unhide it.

Now, we want to make sure that the top layer is selected where we are going to crop out the picture.

Now, let’s get ready to crop a picture using the program, but I am going to show you pretty much the fastest and the easiest way to do this.

You are going to come down to this little brush here, which is quick selection tool, and we are going to hold it down. You might have the magic wand tool – if so just come back up here and select the quick selection tool or click the hotkey W.

I am going to start at the top of the head, hold down the mouse button, and drag it down across the body, across the board, pants, arm, and the rest of the body.

We are going to go to the “Refine Edge”, right to the top. And this is going to come up with a box.

Now, what we are going to do is we got our “View Mode” and this will show us different kinds of stuff, and this is going to show us our selection such as Overlay, On Black, On Layers, etc.

What I like the best is “On Layers”. Let’s click outside of the box, but DON’T click OK yet because it will make it go away and will let you re-do the process.

And if you don’t want a lot of hair, you just have to click “Smart Radius”.

Click the little brush. Make sure your brush size (as shown above), is down to about 9.

Also, you could smooth up your image a little bit if you have like a choppy outside – in this case I don’t have a choppy outside. But if you want it, you can put that up a little bit. You could feather it, and the thing about feathering is it will going to fade you away, so I won’t really feather the photo that much because if you go that way up, then the photo is pretty much faded.

It’s really good to play around different options like the Adjust Edge panel, and you will really see what is best for you.

Now, you are going to come down here to the bottom where you can see this square with a circle, and then you are going to create a layer mask.

Now, that is actually pretty much the easiest and fastest way to crop yourself out of the photo. I did it very solely so you could understand it.

If you want to, you can click your image. Make sure you are NOT on layer mask. Make sure you click the square where the image is, with a little board around it.

Also, you will want to come up to “Image” – “Adjustments”, and come to “Curves”.

And what this will do is fine tone your photo a little bit.

You can play around with the colors, make them lighter or darker.

And if you are going to drag all the way down, then it can go really dark.

Now, you just have to adjust that a little bit, and it will really bring richer colors. And you can play around if you want it dark or not.

Now, that you have your photo cropped out, let’s open up your background.

Your background can be anything you want. In this case, I went to Google, and I picked some abstract art of a rainbow with a mushroom thing, which is like a waterfall rainbow.

Now, you'll want to create a layer and call it any layer that you want.

Now, you are going to bring your photo that you cropped up, just hold it, make sure you click the picture of yourself and you are just going to drag it.

Now your size may be a little too big. In my case, this is a little too small – you might want to shrink your background image and make sure that the “Show Transformation Control” is checked. If that box is not check, it won’t let you go anywhere.

Hold down the shift key like it’s a perfect square; shrink it down, then pull it up, and if it’s still a little too big, then hold down to make it a little bit smaller.

Now if you can see, there’s a rough edge around the photo. Just click the transformation, and click apply to make it look better.

Now you have successfully cropped out an image from a different photo, and put it onto a new image and make a really cool piece of artwork.