Microsoft Publisher: How to Create a Collage Page


Microsoft Office Publisher is a free text editing program that allows you to work on texts in a similar way that you would with Microsoft Word, except that Publisher tends to be a little less complex for which it is considered a lot of times as a program for beginners.

There are 10 versions of Publisher available for download in the market and each of them has been an upgrade from the other. Only the latest two versions, Microsoft Publisher 2007 and 2010 are compatible with Windows XP besides other versions of Windows. Some versions of Publisher are free and for others, you can get a free trial period before you consider to buy it.

This is a tutorial with a step-by-step procedure that will effectively help you understand the easiest way to create a collage page.

We are going to be demonstrating today how to create a collage page using Microsoft Publisher 2007. If you have a lower version, the procedure will still be the same as shown in this transcription.

We will be using the shine program funeral template in this tutorial.

First, just turn in to the page where you want the collage to be placed. On the bottom left, you can see a number – click it. In this case, we will place our collage page on page 2 of our program template.

Next, we will move the existing text box on that page by clicking around the perimeter of the text box – then hit “delete” on your keyboard.

Next, click on that rectangle box on the left toolbar. When you do this, your cursor turns into a cross.

Click and draw a rectangle approximately the size and shape of the photo, then select the new rectangle that you have just drawn and go to “Format” – “Auto Shape” – and go to “Fill” – “Color”, pull down in the format and the auto shape pop-up, pull down again and choose “Fill Effects”.

Now select the “Picture” tab on the Fill Effects pop-up (box). Now, go to “select pictures”, and locate your photo on your computer. Once you've selected your photo, click “Insert”, and click “OK” out of the “Fill Effects” pop-up.

Now, go to “Line” and “Color”. Pull down the color and click or choose “No Line”, then click OK.

Your picture now is contained within the new rectangle that you have just created. Adjust it so it is proportioned by clicking on it, and by dragging one of the circular selections around the perimeter.

Once you got your desired proportion, repeat the entire procedure to insert your next collage photo, and you are going to repeat this until you’ve entered all of your desired photos for the collage page like we have done from the top.

Once you have multiple photos inserted into the page, adjust them so that they are placed wide up against each other from maximum space.

Remember: Be sure to stay within the width length of the page so that your program will fold correctly.

And that’s it. You can now add as many photo collages on as many pages as you would like.