The New Windows Live Messenger Preview


Windows Live Messenger was created in 1999, popularly known under the name MSN Messenger. It was part of the Windows Live Package that also included your Hotmail account and worked as an instant message platform from its creation up to 2013 when it was replaced by Skype, remaining only in China. It was also available for free download. In 2010, the company had launched an updated version called Milestone1 that connected to the news and social networks, it wasn´t very successful.

To the original idea of the free instant messaging system, it was later on added the face to face video conversation and online games to play with friends as you talked.

The program finally came to an end on May 1st, 2013.

Here, we are very excited to share a quick preview of Windows Live Messenger.

There are a lot of great features in this version. Today, we want to talk about two big things.

First, we are going to talk about how Windows Live Messenger continues to be great at real time conversations with your close friends and how we are going to make those even richer and more meaningful.

Secondly, we are going to talk about how Windows Live Messenger will help you to stay in touch with those friends. Not only in messenger but also across the things that they are doing all around the Internet.

Saving your friends on the “favorites” list will give you easy access on what’s going on with them.

Video Sharing Even if Friends are Offline

If your friends are offline or unavailable to chat with you – Windows Live Messenger made it easy to let you leave a video message that your friend can easily view when they are back online.

Photo Sharing while Video Chatting

And if you are currently in a video chat with your friend – Windows Live Messenger also allows you to share a photo album while in a video conversation.

Cool Status Updates All Over Social Media Sites

Now, let’s talk about how Windows Live Messenger helps you stay in touch with what your friends are doing all across the Internet.

I’ve always got quick updates from my friends right in my Windows Live Messenger. Right next to their name I can see a little status update and what they are up to. But I don’t just get updates, I also use Facebook, and a bunch of my friends are sharing updates there.

So now I have these updates all over the place. As you can see, we have all these photos with beautiful views and we brought all this data together whether they were Windows Live Messenger updates or from Skydrive, places like Facebook, Flickr – all of the updates from these programs can come together.

But it isn’t just about bringing all this together; it’s about being able to interact with this content. So let me click on one of the photos, and look at the beautiful views of photos in messenger.

Let me also write a little comment on one of these photos – instantly this will post out to all my friends.

Now, it’s not just commenting on photos, but its how I want to share updates with my friends. So let me drag this picture of Mt. Rainier right into my status area and write a little quick note, and share this out with my friends.

Now let me go over to “my profile” area and see the updates I’ve shared. And here you can see Mt. Rainier.

So that’s a preview of the new Windows Live Messenger.