Counter Strike Positioning Tips and Tricks


This tutorial will cover the spots you should be playing, the counter-flashes you should be throwing in Counter-Strike for PC Action Games, and the positions you want to use in order to be successful. The first spot I’m going to be talking about is in the pit. This spot is one of the most important ones on the map and should be played like so.

The Pit

You should peek up every few seconds and mainly play for the counterflash. Counterflash is when you throw a reactionary flash after your opposition has thrown one. The flash you’ll want to throw is off this wall.

Guard Position

Next up, the guard position. This is the best way to master the A-bomb site. In this spot, you can aggressively peak out while also assisting long A and L. The most effective counterflash is over the wall. You can use this after taking a shot or to buy yourself more time with better flashing.


The next spot we want to talk about is Kavel. Kavel is best played with a teammate--it is very hard to play alone. The peeker is the player with his gun out who is ready to shoot. The flasher has two roles. He can aggressively flash so that the peeker can shoot and he can also counterflash afterwards. The spots the peeker should watch from are as follows: The cubby, behind the wall, above the cubby, and--if the chokepoint is smoked--up close.

The flasher should be in a spot complementary to the peeker. The best spot to do this is behind bricks. It gives you the option to flash close, deep, or over the wall towards the middle. The bricks also give you cover from fire, enemy grenades, and flashes. It’s also a good idea to keep the chokepoint smoked at all times.

If you’re holding middle, a tricky spot you can play is behind the wall. What will happen is a popflash. A popflash allows enough time for the terrorist to turn away as it explodes right when it is in his view. To throw a popflash, stand behind the wall, and then run forward while aiming at the corner of the wall.


Playing B is one of the most challenging aspects of this game. To effectively play B, you’re likely going to need teammate support. Besides the obvious spots like cars, doors, windows, and backsight, I want to talk about playing on the platform. You should be peeking over the bricks every five to ten minutes or so. This will make the terrorist look towards other spots when the don’t see you peeking. By doing this, you are keeping them guessing where you are and their crosshairs off of you. When you finally peek, they’ll be aimed somewhere else. Keep the tunnel smoked off for as long as possible. This will make the terrorist have to jump out to check multiple spots, giving you the advantage. To counterflash, simply throw the grenade in the air towards the enemy. If you need teammate support, have your teammate throw a flash through the central doors and windows.