Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Features


Adobe Photoshop CS6 Image Editor for Mac and PC is an incredibly deep release. In this edition, many new features have been introduced while older features have received a bit of a makeover; there are 60% more feature changes made than there were in Adobe Photoshop CS5. CS6 hopes to improve performance for all users, whether they are social media friends or professionals.

The Background

Background Save and Auto-Recovery seamlessly work in the background of CS6, ensuring that no fruits of your labor are lost. There are also new accelerated features to harness the power of the GPU. Features like Liquefy, Transforms, and magical features like the new Content-Aware Move are faster and more fluid than ever before.

Greater Efficiency

Efficiency doesn’t just mean hardware performance. It also means listening to customers’ points. CS6 has more features for designers and twice as many JDI (Just Do It) features. These were introduced within the CS5 timeframe, and they’ve been very popular. Adobe listened to what its users wanted and responded directly with some of the smaller tweaks to the application to get speed-bumps out of the way and help with the Photoshop user’s workflow.

Creative Genius

Of course, Photoshop is synonymous with creativity and magic. There is more power there in CS6, including a Paint Engine, Content-Aware Movement, and the Content-Aware Patch Tool. You can do more in this edition of Photoshop than you’ve ever been able to before. The folks at Adobe truly understand that users are at their most creative when the software gets out of their way; they’ve really worked hard to make sure that things work as fast and as fluidly as possible while allowing users to magically create things that they haven’t been able to in the past.