Crosshair Placement, CT Angles, Peeking and Timing in Counter-Strike


As you may already know Counter-Strike 1.6 is a one person shooter game where you need to track down your enemies, find them and take them down. In order to achieve your objectives, the strategies you perform in the game and how well you get to know it will determine your results.

Whether you call it Counter Strike, CS, or Counter, it all points to one thing; ”Action”. And if you enjoy action, this is the game for you, even if you are not a huge game fan, it is guaranteed that you´ll love this particular version.

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In the Counter-Strike PC game, most people walk around as a terrorist first in order to figure out which way they are going to play their CT positions. Examining crosshair placements from the opposition’s perspective is of critical importance, as a terrorist’s crosshair placements may fall in an area that you previously considered safe when playing from a CT role.


When entering through tunnels, check both sides of the tunnel prior to entry. Then, walk into it midway and check the platforms in the distance, the left side of the exit, and then the right. Make sure to scan the ground level before the upper windows. If nothing is there, come out, but crouch-peek while doing so.

If your Terrorist opponent is on ground level and exiting a tunnel, expose him to a deep crosshair angle in order to enable you to switch firing on the different sides of the box that you’re behind. Your reaction time will be faster; you’ll get him first, every time.

Another good strategy is to time your tunnel and box exit times from both positions. Count seconds while passing through the tunnel or leaving from behind a box and you’ll quickly see that lingering in a tunnel too long proves disadvantageous; you can easily be ambushed by the character behind the box.


Alternately, if you are hiding behind a box, this knowledge works to your benefit. Peek from behind it, guage how many seconds you have until your opponent reaches your hiding spot, and count accordingly in order to attack once they’ve reached you. Whatever you do, don’t sit still! When waiting for the terrorist to reach you, alternate between hiding and checking. Do not allow him to hit your shoulder--on the contrary, be the one to wound him in the shoulder.

Jiggle Peeking

Another good strategy to use is called Jiggle Peeking. When behind a corner waiting for an opponent, rapidly alternate between hiding and peeking around the corner. This is a good way to kill an opponent while being chased.