Counter Strike Practice Tutorial


Counter-Strike 1.6 is a first person shooter type game that is part of the sequence of a previous set of Counter Strikes which are a complete remake of the Half-life game

The latest release for this game was launched in August 2012 and like previous editions, it gives you the opportunity to play online with players throughout the world. The CS 1.6 and some other versions of CS can be downloaded for free.

You have amazing weapons, good guys, bad guys, awesome scenarios, what else could you ask for to have fun?

for PC. A lot of professional players use it to train their hand-eye coordination and learn distances, shot patterns, spray patterns, mouse calibration, mouse sensitivity, and peaking abilities.

This map has various stations and ways to help you. While you’re in this map, you need to open your console and enable console by typing in “SV_cheats 1.” You’ll also want to keep using Impulse 101 for your ammunition and “show impact” in order to show where your bullets are hitting. This’ll help you see where you are firing and whether you need to improve.

Peeking Exercise

The first station is a wall peeking exercise. In shooting games, people with fast corner shots almost always have an advantage on the other team. There are two corners to shoot from in this exercise (one on the left and another on the right, so it’s good to try both to improve your abilities.)

The Well

The next station is a well. This is primarily about calibrating your mouse as opposed to the sharp turns and shots seen in the previous exercise. Try to hit each of the illuminated squares at a comfortable speed and motion pattern. Focus on turning to the left and right with your wrist and not your hand, and the movement more than making the target.

Target Wall

Next is the target practice wall. This station is all about muscle memory when aiming. Beneath you, there are three circular platforms at different distances. Start with the one closest to the target and then move your way back as your skills improve. There are several ways to shoot at this target, but the standard one is to touch each square followed by the middle square. Given that each different weapon has a different recoil speed, I recommend you using this for each weapon in your artillery.

Spray Control

The last set of stations is about spray control. Firstly, you need to learn how the recoil of each gun works. For example, the AK-47 starts at a lower height, pops up, moves to the right, then left. The M-4, however, starts high and moves to the right a lot. In order to maintain gun stability and spray control, you need to counter the movement of the gun by pulling it in a direction opposite than that of its spray pattern, and keep your spray within the designated shapes. The last shape is not only the smallest--it’s also a peak shot, combining the skills of the previous stations.